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Copper Country

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"Delicious... Rock solid fun. We enjoy it from start to finish... Absolutely fantastic."

- Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs Through

The year is 1840 and America’s first mining boom is about to change the remote wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula forever.

Take on the role of a mining company and compete for copper by casting your miners and machines into the underground lottery. As the industry grows, so do the communities surrounding your mines.

But every attempt to wrest copper from the ground hangs the fortunes of your company, and the lives of your miners, in the balance. Life, Work, Profit, Death: COPPER COUNTRY.



Copper Country is a strategic board game of area control and resource management for 2 to 4 players.

  • Hire miners and build company, shaft and hoist houses to explore, expand, and exploit Copper Country.

  • Manage your hand of capital card resources, taking advantage of your company card’s unique player powers.

  • Work mine sites, balancing risk and reward as your push your luck into the production deck.

  • Produce copper, bring down rock, or mitigate disaster by spending your resources, sacrificing your miners, or both!

  • Dump poor rock on mine sites, depleting Copper Country as the game progresses.

  • Local businesses open, historical events occur, and players enter new eras of production until Copper Country is fully depleted.

  • The winner is the player who has produced the most copper at the end of the game!

Copper Country Tutorial Videos


Overview and Era Cards


Working Mine Sites

Capital and Production Cards

Miners and Company Houses

Shaft and Hoist Houses

Poor Rock and Terrain Tokens

Business, Event, and Company Cards

Ending the Game